Engineering Surveys

If a desktop survey isn't sufficient or possible we can fly your site and capture imagery and surface model ourselves. We focus on sites from 1 to 100 Ha. Briefly we take a very low level aerial survey, add ground control with survey grade GPS and process 500 – 1000 photos, We take these and create Cadd survey plans and 3d models for planning and documentation.

Typically you would receive:

* A scaled digital orthophoto of the site accurate to and able to identify features of a few centimeters.
* A detail and contour survey in autocad dwg format.
* PDF plans suitable for A1 and A3 printing.
* Design as required.

Line of Sight Inspection

We are experience in line of site surveys, our 7x zoom camera makes establishing LOS with distant towers less difficult. Tower at 18.7 km

Hi Res Imagery

Armidale driver education ‘race track’, site approx 1km across
Fly low enough and take enough photos and you can achieve 2 cm resolution if required.