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Domain Mail Configuration

yum install dungog-domains

Allow a user to create email pseudonyms for their own domain only
Forward all email for each domain to a separate remote mailserver.

A simplified panel is accessed by the user-manager,
users who are allowed access to the panel are only shown their delegated domains.

yum install dungog-domains

Access at /server-manager > dungog.net > Domain pseudonyms


Show delegation settings for each domain.


Alternative administrator and group

Each domain can be delegated to a user to manage.
Admin is the default, you can delegate to everyone, a group or a user.

By selecting a group, just these users are displayed in the individual forward drop down box.


Domain Settings

Forward all mail for this domain to a delegate mailserver.

List pseudonyns for this domain.


Modify Pseudonyms

Create a pseudonyn and forward their mail to a user.

Each domain can have the same user address forwarded to a separate account:
info@domain.org ->gordon
info@site.net ->charlie
info@otherLocalDomains goes to the info user

You have to forward to a local user, the users mail can then be forwarded off site,
or you could use the smeserver-mailsorting panel to sort and process the mail.