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Download multiple mailbox accounts and redirects to individual mailboxes.

We are using Getmail to retrieve mail from remote mailboxes, It uses clamav and spamassassin, and works better with maildrop and procmail.

yum install getmail dungog-getmail

Access at /server-manager > dungog.net > getmail


The getmail panel is now translated into most SME languages, refer to Translations



Global Settings


Modify Mailbox



You may have getmail set to only poll occasionally, if your expect an email you can click a "Collect Now" button to fetch mail on demand. There is a userpanel also available that just has the poll now button.

Multidrop mail delivery needs help in sorting some mail, eg mailing lists. It may be necessary to forward a mailbox to a user, then enable procmail with the user manager and creating procmail rules to sort and process the email.

Manual Rules

Not all retrieval and delivery cases can be created by the panel, you can manually write extra rules.

Create a mailbox approximately how you need it. Then select Manual override = Enabled.

Now you edit the rc file in /etc/getmailrc/ eg.

type = MultiDestination
 destinations = (

type = MDA_external
path = /usr/bin/maildrop
user = stephen
group = stephen

type = MDA_external
path = /usr/bin/zarafa-dagent
arguments = ('-s', 'jane')
user = jane
group = jane


dungog-multipop which uses fetchmail, works much the same way as dungog-getmail
we use and recommend getmail in preference to fetchmail, members can email and ask for the rpm.

yum localinstall dungog-multipop

Access at /server-manager > dungog.net > 'mail pop3