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Limits bandwidth usage of local users accessing the internet through squid.

The Bandwidth limiting panel configures the squid proxy delay pools feature, and allows you to enable or disable limiting

yum install dungog-squid

Access at \server-manager > dungog.net > Squid Restrictions


A list of filename extensions determines the content that is limited. A set amount is allowed to download at full speed, typically the size of a web page, then after the set amount the speed of the download is slowed down to another set amount. This will vary depending on your connection speed.

Sites you want unlimited access to can be bypassed, no limiting occurs.

You can set limiting to only occur at set times, eg during work hours.




The restriction works by examining the URL of the file being downloaded or site being viewed.

Any part of the URL can cause a regexp match. eg the word hotmail will slow down hotmail.com, hotmail.fansite.org. or autoclub.com/redhotmail.jpg

Take care when unlimiting sites. If you just entered .au you would also allow www.auto.com, you may need to enter something like .net.au .org.au .gov.au

Separate each expression with a space in the appropriate text field below

Web Sites entered in the Restricted sites field can be limited to the Reduced download speed

Sites you wish to be unaffected by bandwidth limits are entered the Unaffected sites field.

File downloads can be limited after a set size is reached Examples of file extentions that you may wish to limit are .exe .mp3 .vqf .tar.gz .gz .rpm .zip .rar .avi .mpeg .mpe .mpg .qt .ram .rm .iso .raw .wav .mov

Time restrictions

Unrestrict lunchtime by using two timezones.

Restricted time 1 = 07:30-12:30
Restricted time 2 = 13:30-17:30
Restricted time 3 =

Restrict business hours on weekdays

Restricted time 1 = M T W H F 07:30-12:30
Restricted time 2 = M T W H F 13:30-17:30
Restricted time 3 =


acl aclname time [day-abbreviations] [h1:m1-h2:m2]

S - Sunday
M - Monday
T - Tuesday
W - Wednesday
H - Thursday
F - Friday
A - Saturday

h1:m1 must be less than h2:m2
h is in 24 hr time, and you must include the leading zero