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Software is packaged into rpms for installation with yum. You can download and install software manually, or setup yum as explained below.


Dungog RPMS are being moved to contribs, until they are migrated they are available for download HERE



rpms are sorted into gpl and member repositories, you can download manually if you wish

gpl =

member = see above


  • dungog rpms generally don't require a reconfigure and reboot, (best to restart after installing or updating dansguardian)


You can install files locally after downloading them without setting up extra yum repositories eg.

yum localinstall smeserver-vacation-1.0-8.noarch.rpm


We have moved some rpms around, this can result in stale data in your cache
Only if you get 404 errors on a yum update or yum install

rm /var/cache/yum/dungogMembers/*
rm /var/cache/yum/smedungog/*


The dungog gpl contribs have been moved to the smecontribs repository.


The smecontribs repository was added with SME 7.3,

To install or upgrade rpms append --enablerepo=smecontribs to your commands.

To use smecontribs with the server manager, enable and make visible with this command.

db yum_repositories setprop smecontribs Visible yes status enabled
signal-event yum-modify


see above

Install Methods

If you are enabling the smecontribs & dungogMember repositories you can install from the /server-manager using 'Software Installer' or the contrib 'Update System'.

If you select a dungog-something rpm, yum will satisfy it's dependencies, otherwise yum will try to satisfy it's dependencies from enabled repositories

Software Installer

Enable at /server-manager > Software Installer > set 'Manage individual packages'

Then /server-manager > Software Installer > install additional software
and select the rpm to install

WARNING: most rpms here are not suitable for the server, they include all RHEL Desktop rpms
Change this to exclude these rpms

config setprop yum RestrictRepo sme,dungog

Command Line

The command line is the most flexible way to install, update to check what is installed

read the yum manual for all the details; man yum

yum install rpmname eg

yum install smeserver-sarg

When the repositories are disabled you need to use the command line and enable them with

--enablerepo=smecontribs enablerepo=dungogMembers