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Papercut fits very nicely into SME Server, it runs as a linux service with web-based administration. It monitors and controls the SME samba printers, papercut also provides full support for multiple print servers and monitoring of local desktop printers.

PaperCut NG is a comprehensive solution designed to manage and control an organization's print and Internet usage. The expectations of management and control vary from organization to organization, so PaperCut NG is designed for flexibility to ensure organizations of all types, ranging from schools, universities, small businesses and large businesses, can utilize the system for their own requirements and purposes. Possible implementations can include:

   *      Silent activity monitoring
   *      Visible activity monitoring and expense tracking by work area, projects and departments
   *      Quota/allowance enforcement
   *      Up-front user pays systems or pay-per-print systems 

In addition PaperCut NG provides system administrators with a kit of tools to manage printers including:

   *      Advanced print document/job filtering
   *      Detailed logging and reporting
   *      Access control 



0-5 Users free
5+ users 40 days trial, then approx ...
Education 100 User EUR € 280 :: 1000 user EUR € 450
Business 50 User EUR € 340 :: 100 User EUR € 450


We give a 20% discount on papercut software with the purchase of any dungog software or support.

Note, If you change server distributions the papercut license is portable, it's runs on any Operating System.



as root

useradd -d /opt/papercut papercut
cd /opt/papercut

as papercut

su - papercut
wget [download url from PaperCut Software website]
sh ./

After installation, you will be prompted to open a web browser to complete configuration.


Note. SME uses samba printing and auth with PAM
During install you are prompted for a group to use during install
Use the group shared

To limit users, create a group papercutprinting, and add 5 users

Note. papercut will add some system users, add these to a list of users that PaperCut will ignore:

   * Go to the Options tab
   * Select the "Config Editor (Advanced)" link on the left
   * Search for "ignore"
   * Add the users you wish to ignore (comma separated)
   * Press the "Update" button next to the entry and confirm the value was updated.

By default any user who prints is added automatically to papercut accounts, so this arrangement is best if you have just 5 active users, you can disable this in Options > User/Group Sync > On Demand User Creation

SME printing

Add SME startup and access properties

config set papercut service
config setprop papercut status enabled
config setprop papercut TCPPort 9192
config setprop papercut access private|public (public opens 9192 for https)

Add the Samba printing template, the second very long line in on one line.

nano -w /etc/e-smith/templates/etc/smb.conf/21printing

 return "" unless ( (${'papercut'}{'status'} || "disabled") eq "enabled");
 return 'print command=/opt/papercut/providers/print/linux-i686/samba-print-provider -u "%u" -J "%J" -h "%h" -m "%m"  -p "%p" -s "%s" -a "/usr/bin/lpr -b -h -r -P%p %s" &'
expand-template /etc/smb.conf
service smb restart

Create startup link

ln -s /etc/rc.d/init.d/e-smith-service  /etc/rc.d/rc7.d/S92papercut 

SME internet

PaperCut NG Internet Control module works by integrating with an existing Internet proxy server to monitor Internet access and restrict access to users that have exceeded their Internet quota, based on time and/or bandwidth.

This is optional, but is a very nice feature, maybe reason enough by itself to purchase, It requires users to be authenticated, ident, pam, or any method that enters usernames in squid/dans logs

Decide if you are using squid or dansguardian logs

dansguardian needs to be in squid format

if using squid, change permissions so papercut can read the logs

chmod a+rx /var/log/squid

run the wizard


you can mostly accept the defaults if using squid, or replace /squid with /dansguardian

use log format = 1, and confirm papercut can read usage of existing users


The excellent papercut manual, first stop for all questions - internet

http://yourserver:9191/content/help/index.html - local (the help link in the admin web page)


Memory Usage -

papercut uses 1/4 by default, increase or decrease as you please, eg to use 1/8

nano /opt/papercut/server/custom

Apply changes

service papercut restart


For how to better integrate papercut into SME Server, speak to us

For how to use papercut itself, consider their support options