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Feedback from satisfied users.

Thanks ! Not just for all the help you provided for this RPM to work correctly, but also for the priceless job you have been doing for SME's community. This is a real pleasure to work with you! [sg]

Thanks very much - appreciate your response. Congrats on some great products! [ak]

Many thanks, I think dungog-dfind is a must for any admin dealing with file servers. You can check what is happening and deal with it. This and Durep, and life is sweet. For example, I can deal with a lot of small temp files left hanging around. [Chris]

The most helpful, responsive and knowledgeable SME site on the internet, bar none. Well worth the money! [Terence]

About your Dansguardian panel (that we just purchased and love tremendously). [phil]

We have just renewed for the third time and could not be happier with the addons you make, so again thanks, and keep up the great addons. [Mike]

Thank you for your help. I really enjoy the user interface for DansGuardian that you guys wrote. [jason]

I had a basic SME setup but after seeing what your rpm's could add we dropped Novell's Groupwise to move to SME using your addin's. Again thanks, both for the quick response and the fine product. [bill]

BTW, your instructions and the files are GREAT! [richard]

I've been using your RPM's for awhile now and find them great. Kudos. [kurt]

Nice bunch of software by the way. I am very happy with what we've paid for. [malcolm]

I couldn't live without your email rpm. That thing is really sweet. [greg]

We rsync 2gb of data between remote servers for offsite backups, works great. [lloyd]

Just a quick note, Ive bought your Email and Virus modules for SME Server, plus followed your helpfiles. I have to say that its been the most painfree experience of loading new Software on a Linux Software!, Good job! [Dan]

Thanks for the great RPM's you have on your site. Everything I have tried works great and has made my e-smith exspenence 110% better! Please keep up the good work! [tm]

My family needed a WWW content filtering solution for our home LAN. No other product works as well as DansGuardian! I setup DansGuradian using your WWW Content Filter Configuration tool in less than 5 minutes (including download and install). I encourage all families to use this product. My family is safer because of it! [tjf]

Thanks for your help!!! Hey!!! the software at Dungog is really cool. [Andres]

Thanks for your help. Keep up the great work.[jim]

Also, thanks for creating these rpms. They are of great value to our agency. Non-profits don't have much money to spend on tech, so the small amount we spend on software from you and the free SME server create a very affordable e-mail system. The recent updates to the dungog clamav rpm are very useful. [nat]

Thanks again, for helping me with this issue. Your product and services have been a great asset to our school. [Darren]